Frequently Asked Questions

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Fabric Ordering Process

What is the process for ordering fabric?

  1. A customer inquiry is received by email or phone call.
  2. A discussion of customer needs helps narrow down the choice or choices of fabric construction.
  3. Samples are exchanged from customer to us or from us to customer or in both directions.
  4. A fabric constructions is selected.
  5. A price and delivery quotation is supplied to the customer.
  6. The customer places an order.
Category: Textile

What kinds of fibers are used to make tricot and simplex?

Tricot and Simplex fabrics are usually made of continuous filament air entangled nylon and polyester. The can be made of some other high quality spun yarns but it is very rare since the production is slow and the quality is relatively poor. There are some continuous filament natural fibers such as rayon, acetate and silk that can be knit on a tricot machine but it is rarely done due to the poor knitting quality and durability of the end product. Tricot and simplex fabrics can be made with spandex content. Veratex and Fairlane VRTX do not supply fabrics with spandex content.

Category: Textile

Lead Times for Tricot and Simplex Fabrics

What are the usual lead times when ordering tricot or simplex?

Deliveries can be anywhere from same day to 10 or more weeks, depending on what is ordered and the supply chain.

Category: Textile

What is the minimum order I can place for tricot and/or simplex?

Minimum orders depend entirely on the production requirements and vary greatly depending on the style. Depending on the fabric style, there may be minimum production constraints at more than one stage of production. It’s best to determine the customers’ fabric needs to provide a fabric solution.

Category: Textile

What do I do if we only need a roll or several rolls of a tricot or simplex fabric?

The best option is to visit our wholesale by-the-roll website at:

Small Quantity Requirements