Simplex Fabrics By Fairlane VRTX, Inc.

Fairlane provides simplex & double needlebar knit fabrics that are characterized by excellent stretch and recovery without the use of touchy elastomeric yarns and fibers. Simplex fabrics are double needlebar fabrics which usually have the same appearance (and characteristics) on the front and the back. They possess excellent drape, luxurious appearance, hand and strength.

Most versions of simplex & double needlebar knit fabrics are moldable into shape through the application of heat. End uses for simplex fabric include athletic wear, intimate apparel (brassieres), gloves, digital printing, projection screening, home furnishings and filtration. Fairlane offers simplex fabric in the following types: Jersey, Eyelet, Pocketed Tubular, Pattern Fabric, Engineered Pattern Bands,